Selections from One-Star Amazon Reviews of ‘Absalom, Absalom’

Thanks to Biblioklept’s amazing post of one star amazon reviews of ‘The Sound and The Fury’ I decided to do the same thing but with reviews of ‘Absalom, Absalom!’


I felt disgusted after reading this tripe


Faulkner couldn’t get to the damn point to save his life. (Ed. note: fair enough!)


Call me the Sesame Street generation


this book is terrible. I finished reading 2 chapters and didn’t have a clue what I read. In addition, the beginning was one long, very long, run on sentence (Ed. Note: !!!!!!)


Read before and found a lot of redundancy….hated the story. Can’t believe that I accidentally downloaded this mess of a book!


I picked up this novel as my first look into Faulkner. Being an aspiring writer, everyone praises Faulkner as a literary genius…I beg to differ. I absolutely love Cormac McCarthy


I don’t get it at all












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