A tiny bit about Beyonce (and Hamilton)

When Beyonce puts POC in antebellum/southern clothing in Formation it is a radical act because white people are taught that certain time periods are sacred for white bodies; that the narrowness of how POC are presented in media is ‘Historically Accurate,’ that in the South all POC were slaves and had no concept of their own agency. The equivalent in my country would be Indigenous Australians dressing in clothing which colonist descendants have claimed for themselves.

That’s why whenever a historical drama set earlier than the 1960’s has a POC in it without a white saviour narrative to accompany them people get angry. Because white people (including myself) are taught that we control the story always. We’re in charge of liberation. Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton says that POC have the right to see themselves included in the founding story on whatever terms they choose. Beyonce says I am going to define my own story the way I want to. It’s only radical because since colonisation and since Slavery white people have wanted complete control of the story and the narrative.




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