The truth is: I'm depressed because I live in a city that doesn't have enough jobs. There are about 20 job seekers for every one opening. I am a graduate. I got great grades. I am intelligent. I still can't find a job. I can't find a job because our government doesn't give a fuck … Continue reading Jobs


On Christophine

Regarding Wide Sargasso Sea: I think Christophine was Mr Cosway- Antoinette's fathers- Mistress. It's because of something Daniel/Esau said Namely, that Old Cosway would give a bit of land and a hut to slaves he had sex with. When Rochester writes to his friend, the friend states that Cosway gave Christophine a bit of land and … Continue reading On Christophine

Youtube Mommies

  They all look different. Some are blonde, some have black hair. Some are 20 and some are 24 and some of their boyfriends/partners/husbands are great and some aren't. The main thing they have in common is that their children are their lives. I don't mean that in the standard sense of parents saying their … Continue reading Youtube Mommies

On Men and Violence

Every single man I've ever met, bar none, has been defensive when the topic of domestic violence or sexual assault is brought up. Every single one has always stated, explicitly or implicitly, that they could never do that. Even when they acknowledge that women and non-binary people and trans people have every reason to fear every other … Continue reading On Men and Violence

I think I cut off my hair so men won’t look at me

After the incident I never wanted a man to look at me ever again, but they did anyway. I sort of hate the fact that something as insignificant as hair is some great signal. Hair is hair. It doesn't mean anything. It's not a metaphor for sexuality. I just wanted a haircut. Why does it … Continue reading I think I cut off my hair so men won’t look at me


Trigger Warning: This piece contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault and rape. The word R*** is not censored in the piece itself. It also contains references to illness and injury.             When I was sixteen a girl in my year said she had been raped by a friend. She never … Continue reading Sorry

A tiny bit about Beyonce (and Hamilton)

When Beyonce puts POC in antebellum/southern clothing in Formation it is a radical act because white people are taught that certain time periods are sacred for white bodies; that the narrowness of how POC are presented in media is 'Historically Accurate,' that in the South all POC were slaves and had no concept of their own agency. … Continue reading A tiny bit about Beyonce (and Hamilton)